More than 300 years ago the Divine War raged across all of Scarn, a battle that pitted the Titans against their children for the fate of all. The war has subsided, but its impact still echos across the world and beyond.

In the time leading up to the war many things changed, as factions, nations, and entire races chose one side or another. Among those changes few were felt as universally as the closing of the elemental cities by the Gods. The Jeweled Cities were locked to keep their armies from joining the titanic forces, but doing so had dangerous ramifications the world over.

The most devastating was the collapse of Aurimar, The Summoned City. In the span of a single night the grand city was lost, taking with it thousands of years of knowledge, countless artifacts of power, and a metropolis of high culture.

All that remains of the grand city now is a sinkhole miles across, with a single pillar of stone upon which sits the city’s ruins. This is not the whole of Non’s legacy though, as the threads of this once unrivaled city are still woven deep into the blood of the world. No, the true legacy of Non is in the children of the Jeweled Cities, in the ancestry of a scattered people millennia in the making.

Can you hear it now? The chime of the wind, the gurgle of the stream, the roar of the fire, the hum of the earth? Yes, the song of the Jeweled Cities is distant, faint, forlorn… but not gone, it sings through you. Follow it towards your destiny my child, follow it home.

Legacy of Non