Dwarven battlerager seeking freedom from a Geas meant to help him


Born under a blessed omen into a middle class merchant clan who made it’s name trading in soil and dirt, Erlang was known throughout his family as reckless and undisciplined. After years of gambling, drinking, and whoring through whatever coin he came into, his father had been shamed one time too many and sought a priest of Goran to cast a geas upon Erlang and help his son straighten out. Spending a large sum upon the task, his farther spared nothing in bringing his son to heel. Erlang spent the next two years trying to defy the spell, with no success. The anger and humiliation this generated in the young dwarf manifested fits of rage and violence that made him unfit for continuing in the family business. With no recourse, Erlang’s father forcibly enrolled him in the Burok Torn military. After years of grueling training and deadly missions Erlang was counted among the Battle-ragers, whose renown in combat stretched far beyond the halls of Burok Torn. Channeling his anger and frustration to great effect, Erlang and his squad were sent to the front lines against Calastia, fighting the endless war in Irontooth pass. There his squad was captured or killed, Erlang being identified for an unusual dwarven bloodline and sold to a Shelzarian slave king. After escaping a daring escape Erlang now finds himself in the company of other Genasi, still seeking to lift the geas upon him and find a semblance of happiness in his life.



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